spiffy202 said: I'm a bit bummed that there won't be Girl to Girl over the summer, but I'm happy knowing how far it's came, what it stood for, the awareness it's spread, and above all, I know I at least tried to help however I could, and to me, that's what counts. I hope it does become a web series at some point, and I'd love to see how this progresses from here even with the current outcome.

thank you so much for your support. we are proud to have said that we tried and learned from the project, and look forward to applying that knowledge in the future. :] 

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Girl-to-Girl: Lessons Learned

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Anonymous said: Is there not a way that we can directly contact the Producer about this show (e-mail, etc.)? She said that she was hiring a film crew, full and part time positions, people that want to remain in the background, etc. How do we contact her if we are interested in things such as that if we are not interested in being a part of the 8 up-and-coming lesbians? Thank you ahead of time for any information that you may have about this.

Feel free to send a message not anonymously and we will get you the producer’s contact information:]

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Anonymous said: i'm not in the US but i really really wish i could watch this wshow. it's everything i've hoped for since i was 12. will i be able to watch it? or will it just be on tv at the US?

It will be available online, on YouTube and all other social media sites. You should be able to watch it internationally, at any time of day, from any Internet-ready device!

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Regarding Auditions -

Both views and likes will be considered when ranking videos to be moved on to the second round, and the ranking system will be very transparent. Full rankings will be posted and available for view by the public.

View all the videos and like the ones you’d like to see on the show!

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Anonymous said: is there any chance that this would be cancelled last minute? i just wanna gauge how much commitment you guys have to this project.

If the funds are raised, the project will happen. We have committed our personal time and money to the project, and we fully intend to see it through.

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Auditions are looking awesome! Send in your audition, or view and like others to make your opinion heard!

Auditions are looking awesome! Send in your audition, or view and like others to make your opinion heard!

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Anonymous said: can couples audition together or do we have to make separate videos?

You could definitely do it together if you wanted!

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Anonymous said: You should post a submission example video so we know kind of what we should be doing!

The whole idea is that YOU get to decide what is important to put in the video! :]

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